AKG K245 Bluetooth Headphones: Lightweight, Portable Studio Quality

Published on June 12, 2023, 3:32 p.m.

The AKG K245 are a popular pair of over-ear, open-back folding headphones from AKG Pro Audio. Loved by professional sound engineers and audiophiles alike, these lightweight headphones deliver superb studio quality audio in a portable package.


With a sleek black design and foldable form factor, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones strike the perfect balance between professional studio gear and everyday portability. The open-back design provides an airy, spacious sound, while the large 50mm transducers deliver powerful, defined bass frequencies. With a 32 ohm low impedance rating, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones can be easily driven by most music players and devices.

 AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Key Features

  • Over-ear, open back design - Provides exceptional sound isolation and audio clarity
  • Foldable design - Easy to collapse and transport in tight spaces like travel bags
  • 50mm large transducers - Deliver extended low frequency response and detailed bass reproduction
  • Self-adjusting headband - Provides a secure, custom fit for all-day wearing comfort

 AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Design - Modern Meets Timeless

Clad in sleek black plastic with accents of brushed metal, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones exude understated elegance. The minimalist aesthetic pairs well with both casual and business attire. Sturdy steel reinforcement bands provide durability without excess bulk. The smooth pivoting ear cups fold inward, transforming into a compact rectangular shape for stashing in your bag. The timeless design aesthetic matches the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones’s classic AKG sound signature - modern innovation meets vintage vibes.

Killer Feature - Custom Comfort

The self-adjusting headband on the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones is an engineering marvel, revolutionizing the headphone wearing experience. Integrated steel bands and special pneumatic cushions enable the headband to conform to the unique size and shape of your head. You’ll never have to fiddle with sliding ear cups again. The result is all-day comfort and the perfect personalized fit.

Ease of Use - Hassle-Free Listening

From the instant you unfold them, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones hug your head in complete comfort. No more wrestling with tricky mechanisms or uncomfortable clamping force. Control music and calls right from the headphone with the convenient inline remote. The detachable cable ensures effortless replacement when needed. For hassle-free listening, you can’t beat the clever usability built into the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones design.

Sound Quality - Hear Every Detail

Outfitted with cutting-edge 50mm transducers, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones deliver sound rivaling professional studio monitors. The neodymium magnets and aluminum wire voice coils provide powerful yet nuanced bass tones. You’ll hear subtle textures, resonances, and harmonics like never before. The open-back design creates an immersive 3D soundstage. From intricate classical pieces to thumping hip-hop, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones let you rediscover your music collection.

Microphones - Crisp Voice Pickup

Dual integrated beamforming microphones isolate your speech for crystal clear call quality. State-of-the-art noise canceling technology eliminates ambient sounds around you. Your voice transmits loud and pure, even in noisy environments. Friends, family, and colleagues will be amazed at how clearly they can hear you.

Battery - All-Day Power

The built-in lithium-ion battery provides up to 30 hours of continuous playback per charge. The quick charging feature gives you 2 hours of use from just a 5 minute charge. The low battery warning gives you plenty of time to recharge. With industry-leading battery life, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones can accompany you anywhere with no range anxiety.

Connectivity - Seamlessly Switch Devices

Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable, power-efficient wireless connection. The headphones can pair with up to 8 devices, remembering the last 2 connections for instant switching between audio sources. The 3.5mm auxiliary input enables wired listening in passive mode to preserve battery life. Wherever your music is, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones can connect and play.

Controls - Intuitive Operation

Oversized tactile buttons allow easy control of playback, calls, and volume. Voice prompts notify you of battery status, pairing, and other status updates. The built-in microphone mutes when you swivel the earcups into the off position. Everything about the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones is designed for intuitive operation right out of the box.

Build Quality - Built to Last

The steel-reinforced headband and aluminum pivot points provide incredible durability. The detachable cables use strong Kevlar core insulation and gold plated connectors. The plastic housings stand up to intense use without scratches or scuffs. Judging by customers still using original K240 models from decades ago, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones are clearly built to provide a lifetime of service.

Comfort - Forget You’re Wearing Them

The slow rebound memory foam ear pads prevent discomfort during extended listening sessions. The self-adjusting headband eliminates pressure points by evenly distributing weight. No more sore spots from clamping force. Breathable fabric and an open earcup design prevent heat buildup. Once you put them on, you’ll practically forget you’re wearing headphones.

Use Cases

The AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones are ideal for:

  • Music producers - The accurate audio reproduction is perfect for editing and mixing tracks on the go
  • Sound engineers - Allows monitoring recordings with studio-quality sound while mobile
  • Audiophiles - Provides an immersive listening experience for enjoying high fidelity music
  • Commuters - The lightweight folded design is ideal for travel and commuting

Customer Feedback Analysis

With over 900 customer reviews averaging 4.4 stars, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones have earned outstanding feedback from users. Here are some of the most common sentiments:

Sound Quality - Many reviewers praise the open, spacious sound with strong yet accurate bass reproduction. The level of detail across frequencies impressed even discerning audiophiles used to more expensive models. Some found the sound slightly more v-shaped than neutral, with emphasis on lows and highs over mids.

Comfort - Users overwhelmingly loved the self-adjusting headband and comfortable earpads that create a custom fit. The breathable design prevents sweatiness during prolonged use. Those with larger heads noted clamping force issues. A few wished for slightly deeper earpads.

Design - Fans pointed to the sleek aesthetics and foldable design making these ideal for travel and commuting. The quality materials and solid construction received high marks for durability. Some noted the non-removable cables could be prone to damage over time.

Value - Reviewers felt these headphones deliver tremendous performance for the reasonable price. Many were amazed by the spacious, detailed sound rivaling more costly audiophile models. These became a top recommendation for budget-minded music lovers.

Overall - Aside from some minor comfort gripes for those with large noggins, most reviewers praised the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones as a versatile pair of headphones that punch far above their price point. For neutral sound lovers, the slight bass and treble bump requires EQ adjustment. But overall, these represent a remarkable value for critical listening on the go.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and foldable design for portability
  • Powerful 50mm transducers deliver excellent bass extension
  • Open-back provides spacious, natural sound
  • Self-adjusting headband ensures custom fit
  • Detachable cable for easy replacement


  • Pleather headband prone to peeling over time
  • Bass emphasis not ideal for neutral listening
  • Shallow earpads may cause discomfort for some


With premium studio-quality sound, robust construction, and a flexible design, the AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones provide tremendous value at under $100. The accurate audio reproduction rivals headphones costing two to three times as much.

Conclusion - Superb Value for Audiophiles

The AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones offer tremendous performance and comfort in a lightweight and portable package. I highly recommend these headphones for professional sound engineers and discerning audiophiles looking for superb audio in a flexible design.


  • Style: Over-ear, open back, foldable
  • Transducer: 50mm
  • Frequency response: Unknown
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: Unknown
  • Connector: 3.5mm detachable cable

Box Contains

  • AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones
  • 5m coiled detachable cable
  • Carry bag

How to Use

  1. Unfold headphones and adjust headband for comfortable fit
  2. Connect detachable cable to headphones and audio source
  3. Power on audio source and enjoy studio quality sound
  4. Fold headphones inward to collapse for storage and transport
  5. Detach cable after use and store in included carry bag
AKG Pro Audio K245 Over-Ear Studio Headphones