Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset: The Ultimate Open-Ear Headset for Seamless Communication

Published on Dec. 12, 2023, 6:36 p.m.

The open-ear design of the Aftershokz OpenComm is a game changer for long-term wearability and comfort. Unlike traditional headsets that cover your ears, the OpenComm sits just in front of the ear leaving the ear canal open. This innovative approach prevents ear fatigue and keeps you cool even after hours of continuous use.

Weighing in at just 33g, the feather-light Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset is coated in soft silicone with a flexible wraparound frame that provides a personalized fit. You’ll barely notice it’s on whether you’re taking client calls at your desk or conferencing with colleagues on the go.

Key Features

  • Open-ear design for all-day comfort
  • Advanced noise canceling microphone
  • Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connectivity
  • 16 hours talk time, 8 hours music playback
  • IP55 sweat and splash resistant

 Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

Unbelievable Selling Points

The Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset’s open-ear form is a game changer, allowing you to seamlessly switch focus between calls and ambient sounds. The adjustable noise canceling microphone ensures your voice is transmitted clearly even in loud environments. And at just 33g, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing it!
 Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

User-Friendly Experience

Onboard controls make it effortless to manage volume, audio playback, and calls. Pairing is a breeze with Bluetooth 5.1. The headset even provides voice notifications for power, connectivity, and charging.

Sound Quality

The 7th generation bone conduction transducers and PremiumPitch 2.0 tech deliver sensational sound with the open ear canal design. The noise canceling microphone captures the rich intonation of your voice for life-like communication.

Power Efficiency

The long-lasting battery enables up to 16 hours of talk time and 8 hours of audio enjoyment per charge. A quick 5-minute top up provides 2 extra hours of power.


Bluetooth 5.1 allows you to roam up to 800ft from your paired mobile device or computer. Multipoint pairing lets you connect to two devices simultaneously.


Intuitive buttons allow you to adjust volume, handle calls, control audio playback, activate voice assistants, and power on/off.


Enclosed in a tough yet flexible polymer frame, the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset withstands rigorous activity while conforming to your head shape for personalized comfort.

Water Resistance

With an IP55 rating, the headset withstands both sweat and rain so you can wear it anywhere without worry.

 Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset

Use Cases

The Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset is ideal for:

  • Office workers - Conduct seamless calls and web meetings without disturbing coworkers nearby. Hear ambient sounds like colleagues talking.

  • Remote workers - No more ear pain or fatigue even after hours of calls. Focus on work without getting isolated.

  • Drivers and outdoor workers - Listen to calls and audio safely with open-ears aware of traffic and hazards.

  • Multitaskers - Cook, clean or workout while taking calls and listening to music. Hear oven timers, knocks on the door etc.

Comprehensive User Review Analysis

Overall, customer satisfaction with the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset is very high, with most reviews rating it 4 or 5 stars. Users consistently praise the comfort, sound quality, and situational awareness provided by the open-ear bone conduction design.


Many reviewers describe the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset as “extremely comfortable” and “easy to wear all day long.” They love that it is lightweight at just 33g and doesn’t squeeze your head or obstruct the ear canal. The soft silicone material and flexible headband allow it to fit snugly without pressing painfully on the head or ears. Those working long office hours or taking frequent calls find it a respite compared to traditional closed-back headsets.

Sound Quality

Users say both incoming and outgoing sound quality is excellent for voice calls and audio. The bone conduction transducers deliver clear stereo sound while still allowing ambient noise in. However, some note that music sounds better with earplugs to enhance bass response. Many also appreciate how the adjustable boom mic picks up voice crisply without background noise.

Situational Awareness

The ability to remain aware of environmental sounds and conversations is a major benefit highlighted by users. They can take calls without losing touch of co-workers around them. The open-ear design also provides safety for drivers, cyclists and outdoor runners to hear traffic. Parents working from home enjoy being able to monitor kids while on conference calls.


Most users report solid Bluetooth connectivity and call performance with minimal dropouts or interference. However, some note occasional minor pairing issues when switching between multiple devices. Most connection problems can be resolved by manually re-pairing.


While the headset fits securely for most, those with smaller heads report it can feel a bit loose. Using the extra tips and tightening the band helps alleviate this. Getting the angle of the transducers aligned properly takes some adjustment for optimal sound.

Battery Life

Battery life meets or exceeds the advertised 16 hours of continuous talk time for the majority of reviewers. Many can go days between charges with moderate use. The quick charge feature is convenient for topping up during short breaks.


  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Allows situational awareness
  • Crystal clear call quality
  • Advanced noise reduction microphone
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use controls


  • Mediocre music playback
  • Fit may be loose for smaller heads
  • Bass lacking due to bone conduction limitations


At around $130, the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset delivers tremendous value. You get a highly versatile headset packed with innovative features that enhance comfort, call quality, and awareness. The open-ear design alone makes this a worthwhile investment for office workers, remote employees, and multitaskers. Overall, the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset outperforms headsets double its price when it comes to seamless communication.


With unrivaled comfort, call quality and situational awareness, the Aftershokz OpenComm bone conduction headset is designed to seamlessly transition between your digital and physical worlds. Whether you’re taking client calls, listening to music, or navigating busy streets, the Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset has you covered.

 Aftershokz ASC100 OpenComm Bone Conduction Wireless Headset


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Battery Life: 16 hours talk time, 8 hours music
  • Charging Time: 1 hour full charge, 2 hours from 5 min quick charge
  • Weight: 33g
  • Water Resistance: IP55 rating
  • Microphone: Noise canceling boom microphone
  • Audio: Bone conduction transducers with PremiumPitch 2.0
  • Range: Up to 800ft from paired device
  • Controls: Volume, power, play/pause, call answer/end
  • Materials: Silicone, plastic polymer
  • Color: Black

Box Contains

  • Aftershokz OpenComm Headset
  • Carry case
  • USB Charging cable
  • Quick start guide

How to Use

  1. Charge headset fully before first use
  2. Turn on and pair with mobile device or computer via Bluetooth
  3. Position transducers in front of ear canal to optimize sound
  4. Use boom mic for voice calls and mute when not speaking
  5. Adjust volume, playback, and call controls using onboard buttons
  6. Download mobile app for firmware updates (optional)
  7. Use with or without earplugs for customized sound isolation