Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds: A Solid Budget Pick for Music Lovers

Published on June 20, 2023, 5:10 p.m.

Looking for an affordable pair of earbuds that don’t compromise on sound? The Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds may be just what you need. In this lighthearted review, we’ll take a look at what makes these budget-friendly buds worth a listen.


Koss is an American audio company that’s been around since 1958. They have a reputation for delivering surprisingly good sound at low prices. The Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds model combines the convenience of Apple device controls with Koss’ signature focus on accurate audio reproduction.

The interlocking metal earbuds are available in black or white for around $30. Though not the most dazzling design, their unique shape makes them easy to store without tangling.


The iL200w KTC shines when it comes to features and functionality:

  • Line controls - Skip, play, pause, shuffle music and adjust volume right from the cord. No need to fumble with your iPhone when you’ve got these finger-friendly controls.

  • Noise isolation - Three sizes of cushy eartips block out external noise for undisturbed listening. The snug seal also enhances bass response.

  • Tangle-resistant cord - The cords may look rubbery, but they do resist twisting into knots.

  • Interlocking shape - The two earbuds cling together magnetically for compact storage in a pocket or bag.

 Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds


The Koss iL200w KTC earbuds sport a shiny metal exterior with rubberized cabling. The interlocking shape enables the buds to cling together magnetically. This unique design aims to alleviate tangling issues.

The angular shape provides a contemporary, stylish look. While not the most discrete earbuds, their semi-open design allows you to remain aware of your surroundings.

Ease of Use

Overall, the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds offers effortless functionality. The inline remote makes controlling music and calls a breeze. Just press, click, and tap - no need to touch your phone.

Swapping between the three eartip sizes is simple when finding your perfect fit. The nozzles angle into the ear canal comfortably.

However, some users report issues with the earbuds falling out occasionally. Getting the right tight yet comfortable seal is imperative.

Build Quality

The aluminum housing on the earbuds has a premium feel, but the rubberized cables feel a bit cheap and get sticky. The overall build quality is decent for the price, but don’t expect luxury.

Sound Quality

For budget earbuds, the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds delivers pleasingly balanced sound with sparkling highs and some thumping lows. The noise isolation enhances the immersive listening experience.

However, the bass lacks sub-bass depth and the highs could be more crisp and extended. The overall signature leans slightly bright over warm.


Callers report the inline microphone provides clean and clear voice pickup even in noisy environments. No issues hearing conversations thanks to noise cancelling tech.

Noise Isolation

With the right eartip seal, these earbuds block out external noise effectively. Listeners can immerse themselves in music without distracting environmental sounds.

Battery Life

The Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds does not contain batteries. As a wired set of earbuds, they draw power directly from the connected device.


The Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds connect via a standard 3.5mm analog wired jack, compatible with iPhone, Android, laptops, and any device with a headphone port. No batteries or charging required.


The inline remote houses volume up/down buttons, track forward/back, play/pause button, and a microphone toggle. The controls are intuitive and responsive.

Water Resistance

Koss does not specify any IP rating for water resistance. The Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds are likely splash proof but not waterproof or sweat-proof.

Use Cases

Take the Koss iL200w KTC earbuds with you wherever sound matters:

  • Listening to music or podcasts during your commute
  • Making calls while walking the dog
  • Tuning out external noise at the office
  • Enhancing focus while studying at home
  • Working out to pumping beats at the gym
  • Drowning out airplane noise on long flights
  • Enjoying immersive sound with your iPhone

Wherever you go, these earbuds can pump up the sound while blocking out the world around you.

User Feedback Analysis

Overall, buyers praise these interlocking earbuds like a sweet soundtrack on a rainy day. The delightful audio and noise-hushing abilities bring joy to many musical hearts.

The vast majority of reviewers proclaim hearty happiness with the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds, citing surprising sound quality that tickles the eardrums. For the cost of a cocktail, your ears can party to punchy beats without spending a pretty penny.

Many listeners glorify the solid noise isolation that silences the outside world. From engine rumbles to office chatter, these buds block distractions with the effectiveness of earmuffs. You’ll hear nothing but sweet serenades.

According to enthusiasts, the inline controls make managing music easier than baking a batch of brownies. With a few clicks of a button, you can fiddle with the tunes without touching your phone.

However, some critiques emerge between the symphonies of praise. A few negatively nick the mediocre bass response, wishing for booming lows that vibrate the brain. While the sound satisfies most, bassheads may feel dissatisfied.

Moreover, some grumble about the earbuds occasionally flopping out of their ears like a fish on land. They highlight the importance of locating the perfect ear tip fit to prevent slippage.

A handful also growl about cords seemingly “stickier” than molasses, twisting into troublesome tangles. Though designed to lock together, keeping the cables kink-free requires vigilance.

But overall, the universal chorus sings the Koss iL200w KTC earbuds’ praises, deeming them an audio accessory with outstanding aptitude. For those seeking cheap thrills from their ear gizmos, these buds deliver delightful sound with devilish affordability.


  • Great value earbuds with Apple controls
  • Strong noise isolation
  • Interlocking design prevents tangling
  • Clear mids and highs
  • Inline mic for calls and voice assistants
  • Durable aluminum housing


  • Bass could be punchier
  • Sound may lack richness
  • Rubber cables prone to twisting
  • Earbuds can fall out if poor fit


At around 30 bucks, the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds is a steal for earbuds with Apple controls. You’d be hard pressed to find similar functionality for less.

The build quality doesn’t feel luxurious, but it’s on par with the low price point. These are ideal as workout or travel earbuds that can take some abuse without breaking the bank.


For iPhone/iPod users seeking an affordable audio upgrade from Apple’s stock earbuds, the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds should tick all the boxes. The interlocking aluminum design provides pocketable portability and standout styling. Plush eartips deliver noise isolation for an immersive listening experience. And the dynamic sound defies the budget price tag.

Overall, the Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds offer tremendous functionality and audio performance for the money. Koss proves you don’t need to spend a bundle to enjoy music to the fullest. Audiophiles looking for premium sound may want to splurge on pricier models. But for average listeners, these lively earbuds should fit the bill nicely.


  • Driver: 9mm
  • Frequency response: unknown
  • Sensitivity: unknown
  • Impedance: unknown
  • Connection: 3.5mm wired
  • Controls: Volume, play/pause, next/previous track, microphone
  • Other specs unknown

What’s in the box?

The Koss iL200w KTC earbuds include:

  • Earbuds with inline mic and controls
  • 3 sizes (small, medium, large) of silicone eartips
  • Carrying pouch (not consistent)
  • Manuals and documentation

How to Use

Using the iL200w KTC is simple:

  1. Select the eartip size that fits most comfortably in your ears. This ensures optimal sound isolation and bass.

  2. Insert the earbuds and adjust until securely in place. Rotate the buds to get the best fit.

  3. Plug the 3.5mm jack into your phone or audio device. Use the inline controls to adjust volume and audio playback.

  4. Press the mic button to take calls. Voice calls will sound crystal clear.

  5. When finished, allow the earbuds tomagnetically snap together for tangle-free storage.

Sit back and enjoy exceptional sound from your music and calls!

Koss iL200w KTC Aluminum EarBuds