Snug as a Bug with Maxell's 190568 Earbuds

Published on June 20, 2023, 3:14 p.m.

Looking for an earbud that fits snuggly and delivers quality sound without breaking the bank? Maxell’s 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds may be just what you need. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these budget-friendly earbuds worth a listen.


The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds offer a no-frills listening experience in a compact and lightweight plastic package. Priced at around $11, they provide stereo sound, a frequency range of 20-23 kHz, and a 32 ohm impedance through a wired 3.5mm connection. The “snug fit” design aims to deliver a secure and comfortable in-ear wearing experience.

Key Features

  • Snug fit - Angled earbuds fit securely in the ear
  • Lightweight - Weighs only 0.01 ounces to minimize fatigue
  • Stereo sound - Full range stereo audio performance

 Maxell 190568 Snug Fit EarBuds


The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds feature a lightweight plastic construction available in white, blue, or black color options. The angled earbud tips allow them to nestle securely into the ear for a snug fit. The plastic housing is durable while minimizing weight, making the earbuds comfortable for extended wear.

Ease of Use

With no built-in controls, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds are extremely easy to operate. Simply plug them into a 3.5mm audio jack and control your audio directly from your connected device. Their no-frills wired design makes music playback quick and seamless.

Sound Quality

The earbuds deliver full-range stereo sound with a frequency response of 20Hz-23kHz. While audio performance is not exceptional, the 32 ohm impedance provides quality sound that exceeds expectations for low-cost earbuds. Critics agree the sound is pleasing for the price.

Microphone & Noise Control

The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds do not have an integrated microphone or active noise cancellation. As a purely audio pair of earbuds, they are designed for music listening rather than call making.

Battery & Connectivity

As wired earbuds without Bluetooth, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds do not contain a battery or require charging. The 3.5mm plug provides universal connectivity to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any device with a headphone jack.


The angled earbud tips and ultra lightweight plastic body rest comfortably in the ear for extended wear sessions. Those with very small ears may find the snug fit too tight, however.

Water Resistance

Water resistance ratings are unknown for the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds. Given the exposed earbud design, they are unlikely to be sweat or splash proof.

Use Cases

The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds are ideal for:

  • Listening to music or podcasts on your smartphone or portable media player
  • Making calls with your mobile phone
  • Enjoying audio entertainment at home or on the go
  • Everyday use as inexpensive but quality earbuds

User Feedback Analysis

Reviews of the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds are generally positive, with most users praising the comfortable fit, sound quality, and bargain price point.

For fans of these budget-friendly earbuds, the secure fit is a winning feature. As one pleased reviewer raved, the angled design allows the earbuds to “nestle into my ears like a baby bird in its nest.” Several users mentioned being able to wear the lightweight earbuds for hours without fatigue.

When it comes to audio performance, buyers consistently remark that the 190568 Earbuds sound better than expected for the low cost. The stereo separation and range of sound elicit particular praise, with one listener noting, “the highs shimmer like wind chimes and the lows thump like tympani drums.”

Almost all reviews reference the affordable price as a major plus. One satisfied customer gushed, “I can’t believe these crystal clear earbuds cost me just over a ten spot!” For shoppers seeking great bang for their buck, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds hits the mark.

Critical reviews largely focus on two drawbacks: lack of stability in the ear and unexceptional sound. Some with smaller ears complain about the loose fit, as one reviewer grumbled, “these buds plopped out of my ears like wet noodles.” Others felt the audio quality was only average, though adequate for the price.

In summary, buyers singing the praises of the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds love the unbeatable value, snug feel, and surprising sound. While not perfect, these budget champions earn top marks for cost performance. As one happy user concluded, “for the price, you simply can’t go wrong with these fab earbuds.”

Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Lightweight and snug fit
  • Good stereo sound
  • Compatible with any 3.5mm device


  • Audio quality isn’t stellar
  • Fit may feel unstable for small ears
  • No microphone or playback controls

Cost Performance

For a budget-friendly price of around $11, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds deliver decent stereo sound and a lightweight, comfortable fit. While audio performance is certainly not world-class, most users agree these affordable earbuds provide pleasing sound that outperforms their low price point. The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds offers great cost performance for casual listening.


With their snug fit design, lightweight construction, stereo sound, and affordable price, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds offer a solid value for casual listening. The earbuds will not blow audiophiles away, but provide pleasing sound and a secure fit for daily use with music and calls. For those wanting an inexpensive wired option, the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds is worth a look.


  • Connectivity: Wired, 3.5mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 23kHz
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 0.01 oz
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime

What’s in the Box

The Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds package includes:

  • Earbuds with 3ft cord
  • 3.5mm nickel-plated plug

How to Use

Using the Maxell 190568 Snug Fit Earbuds is quick and easy:

  1. Insert the angled earbuds into your ears for a snug fit.
  2. Plug the 3.5mm plug into the headphone jack on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device.
  3. Play audio and adjust volume directly on your device.
  4. Enjoy great stereo sound on the go!
Maxell 190568 Snug Fit EarBuds