Jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds: Long-lasting Bluetooth Earbuds with Noise Cancellation

Published on June 10, 2023, 10:07 a.m.

With wireless technology improving every year, bluetooth earbuds have become a daily essential for many. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds to see if they deliver on sound, comfort, and value.


The Jaroco C01-2020 earbuds are manufactured by ERUN and come with the model number jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds. They connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and have an IPX7 water resistant rating. Weighing just 4 grams each, these petite earbuds promise an impressive 6 hours of battery life, extending up to 24 hours with the included charging case.


  • Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection
  • Noise cancellation for immersive sound
  • High fidelity stereo sound quality
  • 6 hours playtime, 24 hours with charging case
  • Sweat-proof design perfect for workouts
  • Lightweight and comfortable in-ear fit
  • Easy one-step pairing
  • Dual-microphones for clear calls
  • Stylish and futuristic purple color

 jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds


The jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds feature a sleek, minimalist design with an in-ear form factor that sits flush in the ear. The petite size and rounded edges create a low-profile look. The glossy finish and purple colorway give them a stylish, futuristic aesthetic.

Ease of Use

With Bluetooth 5.0 and instant pairing, the Jaroco earbuds connect to your device quickly and easily. The intuitive touch controls on each earbud make it effortless to control music, calls, and volume without taking out your phone. They are very beginner-friendly.

Build Quality

Made from durable plastics, the Jaroco earbuds feel sturdy and well-built. The IPX7 waterproof rating means they can withstand sweat, rain, and even being washed. Users mention they survive accidental trips through the laundry unscathed.
 jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds

Sound Quality

Outfitted with advanced audio drivers, the jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds deliver immersive stereo sound with crystal clear highs, full mids, and deep punchy bass. The sound has excellent separation and balance.

Microphone Quality

The built-in microphones effectively isolate speech and reduce ambient noise for clear call clarity. However, some users noted the microphone quality is just average and could pick up voice better.

Noise Cancellation

With CVC 8.0 noise cancellation, the Jaroco earbuds block out external sounds and create an immersive listening environment. Users mention the noise cancellation is very impressive for budget earbuds.

Battery Life

The 6 hours on a single charge and 24+ hours with the case provide marathon battery life. Most users can go multiple days between charges. Quick charging gives 1 hour of use from just 10 minutes of charging.

 jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds


Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, the earbuds have a strong and stable wireless connection up to 15 meters from your device. Pairing is instant and hassle-free.

 jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds


The intuitive touch controls on each earbud make it easy to play/pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, answer/end calls, activate voice assistants, and power on/off without touching your phone.


Weighing just 4 grams each, the earbuds are lightweight and comfortable enough for all-day wear. The included eartips in 3 sizes ensure a custom fit for every user.

Water Resistance

With an IPX7 rating, the earbuds can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. They are sweatproof and waterproof enough for intense workouts.

 jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds

Use Cases

The jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds are perfect for:

  • Listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks on the go
  • Making clear phone calls hands-free
  • Working out at the gym without wires
  • Wearing all day at home or the office
  • Traveling light without compromising on sound

User Feedback Analysis

With over 380 global ratings, the jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds have accumulated numerous customer reviews that provide valuable insights.

The overwhelming majority of users give the earbuds high praise, awarding 4 or 5 star ratings. According to enthusiastic owners, the Jaroco earbuds punch far above their modest price point with impressive sound quality, especially powerful bass response and clear mids/highs. Many remark the stereo separation and soundstage are immersive enough to pick out subtle details in music.

In terms of design, customers find the earbuds lightweight and comfortable enough for all-day wear. The included eartips in 3 sizes ensure a custom fit for any ear shape. Users note the touch controls are conveniently located and responsive.

When it comes to features, users rave about the active noise cancellation that blocks out ambient sounds for an immersive listening experience. For budget earbuds, the noise cancellation is surprisingly effective. The IPX7 waterproof rating gives users confidence to wear them without worry during exercise and inclement weather.

Without a doubt, the stellar highlight is the marathon battery life. Users are amazed to get a full 6 hours playtime on the earbuds themselves, extending up to 24 hours with the charging case. This amount of listening time between charges is unmatched in the budget wireless earbud segment.

In terms of improvements, some users pointed out that the microphone quality is just average and prone to background noise interference. A few users struggled to get a tight seal during intense workouts resulting in the earbuds slipping out. However, most mentioned the earbuds stay put if you select the right sized eartip.

Considering the sub-$25 price point, users feel the jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds provide tremendous value. The combination of long battery life, IPX7 rating, great sound, and modern features make these earbuds a budget-friendly alternative to premium brands. Satisfied owners mention they are surprised by the quality and highly recommend them.


  • Great value and sound for the low price
  • Marathon 24+ hour battery life
  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Easy to pair and operate
  • Stylish design and color options


  • Microphone quality could be better
  • May not stay snug during intense exercise
  • Lacks wireless charging case


With premium stereo sound, active noise cancellation, long battery life, and sweat-proof rating, the Jaroco C01-2020 earbuds punch well above their budget-friendly price point.


With marathon battery life, great stereo audio, and noise cancellation in a compact fit, the Jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds deliver tremendous value and utility for the price. For those seeking long-lasting Bluetooth earbuds on a budget, the jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds should top your list.


  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery Life: 6 hours (earbuds), up to 24 hours with charging case
  • Water Resistance Rating: IPX7 (waterproof and sweat-proof)
  • Weight: 4 grams per earbud
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes, CVC 8.0 dual-microphones
  • Audio Codecs: Unknown
  • Wireless Range: Unknown
  • Drivers: Unknown
  • On-board Controls: Yes for music, calls, and volume

What’s in the Box

The Jaroco C01-2020 wireless earbuds include:

  • Jaroco C01-2020 earbuds (left and right)
  • Charging case
  • 3 sizes (S/M/L) of eartips
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • User manual

How to Use

To use the Jaroco C01-2020 earbuds:

  1. Charge the earbuds and case fully before first use.
  2. Select the eartips that fit most comfortably in your ears.
  3. Take both earbuds out of the case - they will power on and connect to each other.
  4. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings to pair with “Jaroco C01-2020”.
  5. Tap the earbuds to play/pause music and answer/end calls. Adjust volume on your phone.
  6. Place back in charging case when not in use to conserve battery life.
jaroco C01-2020 Wireless Earbuds