Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone: A Heavenly Sound Oasis for Audiophiles

Published on June 9, 2023, 11:47 a.m.

Experience audio ecstasy with the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone, an oasis of pristine sound for discerning audiophiles in a desert of mediocre headphones. Edifier’s flagship creation spares no expense in achieving stunning Hi-Res audio, integrating leading-edge innovations and high-end components in a sleek yet comfortable design. Let’s dive into the divine soundscape waiting to be discovered.
 Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone


The Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone makes the elite world of planar magnetic technology wireless with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and aptX HD decoding. The advanced 89mm x 70mm planar drivers produce cleaner, more dynamic sound with greater resolution compared to standard drivers. An expansive frequency range from 10Hz to 40kHz reveals more sonic details than ever before.

A powerful 1500mAh battery delivers an astonishing 80 hours of playtime for uninterrupted musical enjoyment. Even just a 10-minute charge gives 10 hours of listening bliss.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.2 wireless connectivity
  • Planar magnetic drivers for superior accuracy
  • Hi-Res audio with extended frequency response
  • 80-hour battery life
  • Premium design with carbon fiber and lamb leather
  • Qualcomm aptX HD and aptX Adaptive decoding
  • Multipoint pairing for music, gaming, calls
  • Edifier Connect app for customizable audio

 Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone


With an aviation-inspired aesthetic, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone features sturdy components like carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. The angular cups and folding mechanism express industrial beauty. Details like copper accents and leather add elegance. However, some may find the bold styling less subtle than rival models.

Ease of Use

Operation is straightforward with user-friendly physical buttons for power, playback controls, volume, and calls. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze. The well-designed Edifier app enables seamless switching between sound profiles. Overall, the headphones offer effortless wireless control.

Build Quality

Constructed from premium materials like carbon fiber and lamb leather, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone seems solidly built, though plastic creaking has been reported. The steel headband and aluminum alloy joints provide durability. While decently crafted, build quality does not fully match the premium price.

Sound Quality

With the planar magnetic drivers, sound is remarkably accurate and high-resolution. The excellent bass response has impact and depth without muddiness. Mids are vibrant yet smooth. Treble is crisp without harshness. The expansive soundstage provides immersive imaging. Overall, the audio fidelity competes with far costlier audiophile headphones.

Microphone Quality

Thanks to Qualcomm’s aptX Voice technology, the integrated microphones capture natural voice clarity for phone calls with minimal background noise. Voices sound full-bodied and conversations flow smoothly.

Noise Cancellation

Unlike many competing headsets, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone lacks any active noise cancellation, relying solely on physical noise isolation from the closed-back design and leather earpads to block ambient sounds. Some may miss noise cancelling, but audio purists feel passive isolation provides superior sound quality uncolored by processing.
 Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone

Battery Life

The outstanding battery life reaches 80 hours of playtime, letting you enjoy weeks of wireless listening between charges. Even just 10 minutes of charging provides 10 more hours of music. The incredible longevity sets a new benchmark for Bluetooth headphone endurance.
 Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone


The Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 for a stable, long-range wireless connection to phones, tablets, laptops, etc. NFC enables instant tap pairing. The headphones also come with a detachable 3.5mm audio cable for wired use with non-Bluetooth devices.


Physical buttons on the right earcup provide convenient control of power, playback, volume, track skip, calls, and voice assistants. They deliver clicky, tactile feedback. Multipoint Bluetooth allows easy switching between two connected devices.


The light weight and plush leather earpads create a comfortable fit suitable for all-day listening enjoyment. The well-padded headband avoids any pinch points. The included mesh earpads offer a cooling effect if needed. Overall, the ergonomic design excels for extended wear.

Water Resistance

Edifier does not specify any water resistance rating. The Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone seems unsuitable for use in rain or moisture. Care should be taken to avoid water exposure which could damage the headphones’ electrical components.

 Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone

Use Cases

The Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone is ideal for:

  • Music lovers wanting pristine wireless audio - Experience your favorite tracks like never before with the stunning clarity and hi-fi sound.

  • Audiophiles on the go - Enjoy high-resolution sonic details without being tethered to bulky stationary gear. Take the concert with you!

  • Gamers desiring lag-free audio - Game without delay thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX Low Latency support. Hear every footstep and gunshot with precision.

  • Frequent travelers seeking premium sound - Block out the roar of the airplane engines and get lost in your music, movies, or podcasts in serene fidelity.

User Feedback Analysis

Like audiophile archaeologists unearthing buried treasure, let’s excavate the user reviews for insightful nuggets to uncover the full story behind the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone.

Sound Quality Strikes Sonic Gold

My fellow sound spelunkers, prepare to be blown away by stunning sonic discoveries! Reviewers enthusiastically praise the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone’s pristine audio fidelity, with many dubbing it superior to headphones double the price. The remarkably accurate planar magnetic drivers extract every sparkling detail and reproduce music with utmost realism. Vocals sound vibrant and lifelike, as if the singer is performing live in front of you. Instruments are threaded beautifully in the mix. The expansive soundstage recreates a wide, open concert hall ambience. While some crave more thundering bass, most agree the balanced tuning delivers reference-level neutrality ideal for acoustic genres. Audiophiles characterize the sound as smooth as honey yet precise as laser surgery. These headphones are no pretenders - the legitimately Hi-Res performance brings true musical joy.

Comfort Cruises, Creaking Crashes

Delving into user experiences reveals sublime comfort but questionable build integrity. The featherweight construction and lavish lambskin earpads are hailed as extremely comfortable for prolonged listening sessions. But many structurally-minded reviewers warn of creaking and clicking noises from the headband and hinge joints that can intrude during music playback. They attribute the annoying plastic crepitations to subpar quality control and materials unable to withstand normal movement and rotation. Such compromise erodes the otherwise deluxe aesthetics. Still, those focused purely on the sonics tend to forgive the creaks and enjoy hours of fatigue-free listening. Just don’t shake your head too much!

ANC Absent, Battery a Beast

Our review spelunking also uncovered polarized opinions on noise cancelling and battery life. Unlike rival Bluetooth headsets, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone lacks any active noise cancellation. For frequent fliers or commute warriors, this proves a dealbreaker. However, audiophiles counter that passive isolation sounds more natural than processed ANC, which can color the audio. On battery life, all agree the 80+ hours is an absolutely mammoth achievement putting all competitors to shame. Even 10 minutes of charging yields 10 hours more playtime. The phenomenal endurance means you may never hear the low battery warning before your next trip abroad!

Conclusion: Flawed Gem of Sound

In conclusion, beneath minor build quality flaws lies a luminous gem of pristine planar magnetic sound. While creaks and lack of ANC dim its brilliance slightly, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone remains a treasure for audiophiles seeking superb wireless audio and golden value. Just handle with care and it will shower you with musical bliss for years to come!


  • Superb audio accuracy from planar magnetic drivers
  • Hi-Res performance rivals wired headphones
  • Strong wireless connectivity with minimal lag
  • Very comfortable for extended listening
  • Extremely long battery life


  • Plastic creaking noise when moving head
  • Lacks active noise cancellation
  • Bass could be deeper for some genres
  • Angular styling not for everyone


With stunning wireless Hi-Res audio that rivals headphones costing twice as much, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone provides outstanding value for audiophiles. The rich, detailed sound immerses you in your music and makes every note a treasure.


With sublime sound, premium design, and smart features, the Edifier STAX Spirit S3 wireless planar magnetic headphones provide a nirvana of pristine audio for critical listeners who want the very best. Let your musical passion ascend to a higher plane with these heavenly headphones.


  • Model: S3
  • Driver: 89mm x 70mm planar magnetic
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 40kHz
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Supported codecs: SBC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive
  • Battery life: 80 hours
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Weight: 378g
  • Dimensions: 9.84 x 5.91 x 7.87 inches
  • Noise cancelling: None

Box Contents

The Edifier STAX Spirit S3 box includes:

  • S3 over-ear headphones
  • Detachable audio cable (3.5mm)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Carry case
  • Set of mesh earpads
  • Quick start guide

How to Use

  1. Charge the headphones fully before first use
  2. Turn on the power button and pair via Bluetooth
  3. Adjust fit and select mesh or leather earpads
  4. Download Edifier Connect app to pick sound mode
  5. Connect to phone, PC, etc. to enjoy pristine Hi-Res audio!
Edifier STAX Spirit S3 Wireless Planar Magnetic Headphone